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Beautiful Emerson is Here!

October 30, 2014  •  1 Comment

Meet Emerson. She was one of the most cooperative newborns I've ever photographed! And not to mention beautiful... It's no surprise with such a beautiful mommy and handsome daddy. It was super fun to spend time with this sweet family and I can't wait to see what a beautiful little lady Miss Emerson will grow up to be!




























Halloween Mini Session Madness

October 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The first W Images Halloween Mini Session was a success! We has SO many families and amazing costumes join us in a beautiful field to capture their cuties during this time of their lives. I LOVE knowing that I'm capturing memories that children will look back upon once their adults and say, "Oh yeah! I remember that costume! I loved it!" And memorable these costumes were! We had a ballerina jewelry box, a Hersey kiss, a fireman, an owl, Superman, and a glammed up dino! Talk about variety! Some of the parents even got in on the action and I got to meet one family's brand new rescue puppy! Needless to say, Halloween Mini Session day was packed full of excitement and fun... It makes me SUPER excited for Christmas Mini Session weekend!!! If you haven't booked a spot, there are 2 left! Contact me via our Facebook page or email to reserve your spot today! 



























Halloween Mini Session galleries will be send out in the next few days! Be on the lookout for your client access code!

Nolan's on His Way!

October 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Baby Nolan should arrive very soon... In fact, he's due on my birthday! (It's a great day to be born, Nolan!) ;) Nolan's mom and dad, Katie and Andrew, are Huntersville friends who also have lived in Birmingham! Small world. :) However, unlike my family, Katie and Andrew are hard core Auburn fans. As I was editing these photos, Alabama lost to Ole Miss. I'm blaming Katie and Andrew for bringing bad mojo into my cheering routine. Okay... maybe I shouldn't blame them since Bama essentially beat themselves with tons of penalties and missed opportunities... and all around awful playing... but I'm still blaming Katie and Andrew. (Nolan... I don't blame you- you can't help that your parents cheer for the wrong teams!) :) 

All kidding aside... these pictures were the highlight of a pretty bad gameday. I'm so excited with the results and am super excited to share them with you! Katie is precious pregnant. You can't even tell she's about to pop from the back! Nolan is going to be one lucky little fellow to have two very awesome parents!




























Belly Bump!





Nolan, I'm SO excited to get to snuggle with you very soon!!! 


September 29, 2014  •  1 Comment

I'm obsessed with this gallery. Totally. Obsessed. 

Steve Langley is a "bubbleologist." Bascially, he blows bubbles for a living. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? Aside from the fact that he's living out every kid's dream, he holds numerous Guinness World Records. It gets better. Steve performs his bubbles and juggling all over the eastern coast for massive events... and if you're lucky (like me, right, Steve???) you might even catch his calendar on a good day and book him for a birthday party! He's even showcasing during Charlotte's Thanksgiving Day Parade and introducing his amazing bubble mobile. Okay... you're as hyped up about this gallery now as I am. Enjoy. ;) 



Cool from every angle...




Maybe my fave. Maybe. It's hard to pick but the way the bubble affects the light here is pretty awesome.




This picture makes me think of Disney's Dumbo during the song "Pink Elephants." 


So perfect!






Bubbles inside of bubbles? Why not?!



Feel free to visit this gallery again if you just want some bubbles to make you happy. Or call Steve... 704-904-5471


Lots of Light and Love ~ Lake Norman Family Photography

September 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It's so wonderful how photographing one family leads to another! Melissa saw some of my shots of a friend and decided she wanted some of her own! It was awesome getting to know the Prowler family and we had a blast at Jetton Park. There was a LOT of light the day we were out there, so a simple family session challenged me behind the lens and during post-processing more than usual, but I love challenges... they only make you better and THIS particular challenge turned out perfectly! I LOVE how the light inspired the editing for this session. Plus, it's always fun to stare at two beautiful children while you play around with colors/ tones/ brightness/ etc. ;) 


There's something about a big smile...


SO handsome! 


See... I told you... TONS of light! :) 








This was right after dad saved us all from a snake!


One of my favorites!!!









These pictures were SO sundrenched, but I LOVE how they turned out! I should send the sailboat peeps a thank you note for parking so perfectly! ;) 




ADORE!!! This goes into my all-time faves folder!


Awwww :) 


Aren't they the cutest family?!


By this picture BW3 was MUCH more appealing than smiling for the camera, but the kiddos gave me their last smiles for a great shot!


Prowler family, it was AWESOME spending some time getting to know you guys! Thanks for protecting me from the snake and choosing me to capture these memories of your family. It was an honor!


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